Monday, November 22, 2010

Biden Just Keeps Talking And Talking And Talking

Joe Biden is like some chatty old PTA mom.
He just keeps talking and talking and talking.
But very few people are even bothering to listen anymore.
This guy is so full of himself -- he's such an insufferable windbag -- that he's long since past the point of having any notion of what a dreadful bore he really is. It almost doesn't matter to him whether he has an audience or not. He just keeps yapping away.
It's the definition of irrelevancy. 
Biden makes dreadful mistakes. He says inappropriate things. He embarrasses himself and others. But none of it seems to matter in the end because nothing and no one can stop him.
There's something sad and funny about it at the same time.
Sad because he's the Vice President of the United States and I guess that's really a reflection on our nation.
Funny because nobody really believes he has any power (especially now) and almost no one takes him seriously.
Anyway, Lisa DePaulo has an interview with the veep in GQ magazine (now, there's an appropriate place for a well-dressed old warrior) where he once again celebrates his own loquacity.
Click here to read it. LMAO.

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