Thursday, November 18, 2010

Here's One Merchant That Won't Rush Christmas

People have been complaining about Christmas creep at area stores -- and rightfully so.
You know what we're talking about: All those Christmas decorations at stores, malls and shopping centers that go up even before Halloween. It's downright creepy -- and greedy.
But not at Nordstrom.
No -- the classiest (and arguably, the finest) department store simply will not feature Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving.
This is a long-standing Nordstrom policy and Nordstrom has no intention of changing it now.
Isn't that refreshing?
Isn't it yet another great reason to shop Nordstrom?
Bravo to Nordstrom for once again resisting Christmas creep!
Now: ready, set, head on over to Nordstrom next Friday and throughout the Christmas season to enjoy the holiday the way it was meant to be enjoyed.
And thanks, Nordstrom for keeping the faith.

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