Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Parc On Rittenhouse Square: Joie de Vivre!

Have we told you lately how much we love Parc Restaurant, Bistro & Cafe on Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia?
We were there again this weekend and, once again we had a wonderful time.
In fact, we've never had a bad experience -- or a bad meal -- at Parc. Never.
Parc has everything going for it: An authentic, casual French ambiance that envelops you and puts you in the mood to enjoy your surroundings; a superb location at Philadelphia's choicest address; a mercifully small (though nonetheless inventive) menu that reminds you that every dish is special; a tariff that doesn't drain your wallet and, last but not least, the very best restaurant staff in the city.
Some of our lunch favorites: warm shrimp salad, croque madame, omelette, steak frites.
Some of our dinner favorites: New York strip, roasted cod, beef bourguignon, half roast chicken.
Parc is big and boisterous. But it's also intimate and seductive. In other words, it's full of life. So, you can be part of a big group or dine with a few friends or have a cozy table for two or take a single seat at the bar or sit alone by a window and you'll have a great time anytime, anyway, anyhow.
The food is plentiful, tasty and served lovingly.
The bread is -- well, it's what you would expect at a real French cafe. The French fries are fresh, hand cut and so fragrant that you feel like you're in potato heaven.
And the staff is friendly, helpful, efficient, grateful and always accommodating. You'll find an open, welcoming attitude characterizes this fine, professionally trained staff. You'll always be treated warmly.
Great food. A distinctive, warm, inviting environment. Superb service.
Can you ask for anything more?

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