Monday, November 29, 2010

Why Dogs Are Smarter Than Cats

Dogs are smarter than cats for a reason.
Dogs are more sociable animals and sociability requires more brain power.
So, over millions of years, dogs have had to develop bigger brains than cats. Dogs need more brain capacity because they are not solitary.
That's the result of an exhaustive study by researchers at Oxford University. The researchers attempted to study the development of different groups of mammals over millions of years.
The more sociable the mammal group is, the smarter it tends to be. 
Click here for more on this fascinating story from Science Daily.
BTW: Elephants (also mammals) are incredibly smart. Elephant brains — weighing more than 10 pounds — are so advanced that zoologists have measured behavior that reflects compassion, sympathy, and grief. And of course elephants are remarkably social.

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