Friday, November 26, 2010

Joey Vento Healthy & Other Reasons For Thanks

A special message from the Independence Hall Tea Partty Association of Philadelphia:

A healthy Joey Vento, a new Congress--these are just a few good reasons to be thankful this holiday weekend. 
In an answer to our prayers, Joey is home this Thanksgiving, celebrating his successful surgery. It appears he is cancer free and will not have to undergo chemotherapy or radiation treatments!
As Joey has been given a new lease on life after a terrible scare, so has our nation. 
In January, 2011, the 112th Congress will convene. Many of our endorsed candidates will be among those taking office. Their task, to begin unraveling the Obama fiasco, will be daunting. 
Until then, we will have to contend with the lame duck session of Congress which reconvenes on Monday, November 29.
The Dream Act and other outrageous bills, such as labor bill S. 3194, (which would force all police and firefighters in the country to submit to union boss control) have not yet been scheduled for a vote.
Fortunately, Senator-elect Mark Kirk will be sworn in Monday, just in time to serve as a critical (42nd) vote to sustain fillibusters--if necessary--and they will be necessary.
On the other hand, Congress has yet to vote on extending the Bush tax cuts, scheduled to expire on December 31, 2010. Without passage, we will all be subject to an immediate tax increase.

Please be prepared to lobby your Senators and Representatives. You can easily do so by calling the Capitol Switchboard at 202.224.3121 or 202.225.3121.
The operators will connect you to the appropriate office.

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