Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Runyan Gets His Congressional 'Playbook'

Congressman-elect Jon Runyan was in Washington yesterday to get his congressional playbook as freshman orientation began for more than 60 new GOP congresspersons and others.
In part, here's how Thomas Fitzgerald of the Philadelphia Inquirer described it:

The incoming representatives were given huge, three-ring binders stuffed with briefing papers, "about the same size" as the Philadelphia Eagles' offensive playbook, said South Jersey Republican Jon Runyan, a retired lineman for the football team. "I'm sure that's not all of it either."
The GOP will take over the majority, having gained 60 seats now held by Democrats, on the strength of voter frustration over the economy and government spending, and with the aid of the tea party activists.
At least 35 of these new lawmakers bring no experience in elective office to Capitol Hill, the largest number of true rookies in decades.
Besides Runyan, they include a dentist, a pilot, a pizza shop owner, a minister, and a reality TV star.
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