Tuesday, November 30, 2010


It's called a Christmas tree.
Please don't call it a holiday tree or a seasonal tree or a family tree or whatever.
And remember that the best Christmas trees reflect the caring attention of those who lovingly decorated them. So, every Christmas tree should be unique and should express something about its owner or owners -- their lives, experiences, hopes and dreams. Since none of us are perfect our tress needn't be perfect either.
In fact, a tree that is too perfect - too symmetrical, too new, too staged - somehow doesn't look quite right.
A Christmas tree needs to exhibit some character; something that gives it its own special identity.
So, do take some time decorating it -- even if it takes several days to finish the job.
But don't worry if the garland doesn't loop quite right or if a few of the ornaments seem scruffy or if the lights don't seem perfectly even.
It's OK. It's Christmas. Let it be.

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