Monday, November 29, 2010

Democrat Party Dead In The South

Democrats lost all over the country this year.
But in the South, the losses have been staggering.
What little was left of the Democrat Party in Dixie has all but withered away. Today, the South is solid red.
Of course the South has been trending red for years. But after Barack Obama was elected in 2008, Democrats had renewed hope of breaking the solid GOP South and making inroads. The Dems ran more moderate candidates south of the border and actually seemed to be doing better.
But now nearly all of those moderates have been swept away in the great Republican stampede of 2010.
Many southern moderates and would-be (or former) Democrats are blaming Pelosi, Reid and Obama. They feel betrayed by Democrat party leaders. Pelosi, Reid and Obama used these so-called moderate Democrats to get votes for Obamacare and other initiatives and then threw them under the bus.
The liberals got just enough votes and then walked away from the ones who gave them the margin to prevail.
Now, what few Democrat officeholders are left in the South are quickly switching over to the GOP. Ten more across three states have changed parties since the elections. And there are reports of more switches to come.
The radical policies of Obami, Pelosi and Reid do not play well amidst the common-sense conservatism that characterizes today's Dixie.
In my lifetime, the Democrat Party has never been more liberal nor more disconnected from vast expanses of the nation. It's not just the South that the party has forgotten. And it's not just rural America that's been discarded. No, we're talking about thriving areas of the nation with major cities and sprawling suburbs and exurbs. We're talking about America's heartland.
And the people who live there know it. 
Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are deaf to the concerns of of mid-America. And Obama is their enabler.

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