Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dems To Obama: Serve Only One Term

Two well-known Democrats (Douglas E. Schoen and Patrick H. Caddell) have a piece in today's Washington Post in which they call for President Obama to serve only one term.

Here's part of what they day:
From the faltering economy to the burdensome deficit to our foreign policy struggles, America is suffering a widespread sense of crisis and anxiety about the future. Under these circumstances, Obama has the opportunity to seize the high ground and the imagination of the nation once again, and to galvanize the public for the hard decisions that must be made. The only way he can do so, though, is by putting national interests ahead of personal or political ones.
To that end, we believe Obama should announce immediately that he will not be a candidate for reelection in 2012.
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Josh said...

I strongly disagree with this. It would only embolden his opponents, because they will believe they won, that they defeated Obama. If anything, it will cause more gridlock, because the GOP will feel like it has the upper hand.

In addition, the Democratic base will feel like Obama quit the fight and won't turn out in 2012.

Besides, it's pretty much a certainty that Obama will run again. David Axelrod told Fox News today that he'll leave the White House early next year to start the re-election effort.