Friday, November 19, 2010

Newspapers Applaud Christie's Salary Cap Proposals

The Record, “…we agree with Governor Christie's move to cap superintendent salaries at $175,000 annually”

Courier-Post, “…we think this is the sort of tight cost-control undertaking that taxed-out New Jerseyans have long desired”

Daily Record, “…the superintendents' cap is necessary because it's an attempt to get public education spending under control.”

Philadelphia Inquirer, “Gov. Christie calls it restoring fiscal "sanity," but reality might be a better word to describe the situation”

Press of Atlantic City, the Governor’s cap on superintendents’ pay will save municipalities “money that could make a big difference in the classroom (which superintendents rarely visit) ... or in taxpayers' pockets”

Asbury Park Press, it’s nonsense that giving pay raises “is the only way to keep talented administrators”

Daily Record, the cap is needed because some governing bodies refuse to show “fiscal restraint in tough economic times”

All across New Jersey, newspapers are praising America's Governor -- Governor Chris Christie -- for his bold moves to control runaway education costs and save taxpayers money.
The salaries of school superintendents and other education administrators in the state are out of control and now Christie is determined to do something about it .
And you can help.
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