Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Harlem Voters: Rangel Should Pack It In

The New York Post is reporting that many Harlem voters think it's time for 'ole Charlie Rangel to get the hell out of Congress.
Rangel was convicted yesterday on 11 charges of violating congressional ethics rules.
Here's how the Post reports it:
Many voters said the legendary Harlem politician -- once one of the most powerful Democrats in Congress -- had let them down.

"He's a crook! It's basic common sense. He cheated on his taxes. He stole from us. He should resign," said 29-year-old cashier Michelle Ross.
Nurse's aide Charmaine West, 40, said, "He should pay. He did a terrible thing. Congressmen are supposed to be above this."
Eric Grace, 43, a customer-service representative, said Rangel should "throw in the towel" because he "doesn't have the right values to be in office."
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1 comment:

Josh said...

They had their chance in the primary in September. Rangel won convincingly.

They had another chance two weeks ago. Rangel won with 80% of the vote.

The voters of Harlem may say publicly they want him gone to look good. But their votes say they still want him.

Maybe they like the pork his seniority allows him to steer towards his district (same deal with Don Young in Alaska). Maybe they deep down consider him a victim of white oppression. Who knows what the real reason is. Bottom line is that they had two chances at the ballot box in the last two months to send him packing and didn't. So they can't complain.