Sunday, November 28, 2010

Willie Nelson: 77-Year-Old Pothead

Wllie Nelson's album of vintage music, simply entitled Country Music, is one of the most beautiful, evocative, faithful renderings of pure country music you will ever hear.
Willie Nelson is an American icon, a proud Texan and a national treasure.
But Willie Nelson is also a pothead, and has been for a long time. And, he's never been particularly shy about it. In fact, he's all but flaunted it.
Well, so long as pot is illegal (medically or otherwise) in certain states, Willie Nelson should be treated the same as anyone else. Which means that if he's caught smoking pot he ought to be arrested just like any average citizen. And that's exactly what happened in Sierra Blanca, Texas on Friday morning.
Nelson was charged with procession of six ounces of marijuana that was found on his tour bus.Nelson claimed the marijuana was his and he was held briefly and posted a $2,500 bond prior to release.
Fame has it percs and advantages -- but it also has its consequences. You've got to take the sour with the sweet. And though Willie Nelson may be a beloved musical pioneer, he's also a 77-year-old pothead.
Unless there is a clear medical reason why Willie needs to do pot, he ought to give it up.
Smoking pot (or even smoking cigarettes or drinking to excess, or engaging in illegal activity) is not very becoming at any age. But it's particularly unbecoming when you're 77 years old.
Give it up, Willie.

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