Monday, November 29, 2010

Obama/Walters Falter In TV Ratings

Barack Obama is no longer a big TV draw.
And Barbara Walters is a TV has-been.
Those are the results of  the ABC broadcast last Friday that featured a Walters interview with the President and First Lady.
There was a time when an "exclusive" interview with the President -- any President -- was a Big Deal. Not any more.
In ratings, the Obamas actually came in behind a rerun of Tom Selleck's cop series, Blue Bloods. The Walters interview was third during the 10 PM time slot among the critical 18 to 49 age group.
The Blue Bloods rerun pulled in two million more viewers than the Obamas.
In the voting booth and on TV, Obama & Co. are taking a shellacking.
Chalk it up to overexposure. As I've said before, the American people are feeling Obama fatigue.
As for Walters, she should pack it in already.

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