Friday, November 26, 2010

Obama Gets 12 Stitches In His Lip

President Obama went to Ft. McNair today to indulge in one of his favorite pastimes: a pickup basketball game.
But things didn't turn out as he expected.
Someone's elbow banged into Obama's lip.
And that resulted in a nasty cut.
And that meant 12 stitches to Obama's lip.
The Associated Press reports that the president was treated under local anesthesia in the doctor's office on the ground floor of the White House after he returned home. The doctors used more stitches than would ordinarily be necessary to make a tighter stitch and thus ensure a scar that would be less visible.
We don't know who's elbow it was that banged into Obama's lip.We haven't been told. In fact, the White House waited three hours to report any of this.
Back in the White House Obama watched the Christmas tree arrive through an upstairs window while he held what appeared to be an ice pack against his mouth. When reporters were able to spot the President in the window, the President quickly disappeared.
Fortunately for Obama, immediate medical help is always available. A doctor or nurse is stationed at the White House 24 hours a day, every day.
He didn't have to go to the emergency ward or anything like that.
But let's face it: Obama's is 49 years old. He's a bit beyond the age for pickup basketball games. It's enough already.
Earlier this month I told Obama to return to his office and get to work. The fun and games time is over.
If only he had followed my advice.

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