Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Naked Hollywood: Scandalized Photos

Hollywood and nudity have gone together for a long time.
From its earliest days Hollywood was a naked city.
And long before the Hays Office and the production code (Hollwood's attempt at self-censorship) movies featured salacious scenes and plenty of skin. Hollywood was not shy about naked pulchritude -- and neither were Hollywood stars.
Jean Harlow (top photo) was the original blonde bombshell.
Clara Bow (third photo, in water) was the "It" girl. What was "It"? Well, you figure it out.
Louise Brooks (bottom photo) was the prototype of the flapper -- complete with bobbed hair.
And whose derriere is that? They say it's Norma Shearer, but we may never know.
So now when you see topless photos of Penelope Cruz or Chalize Theron or Uma Thurman or some other famous modern-day movie star, you'll know where this all started.
It's all part of  Tinseltown -- without the tinsel.

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