Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kerry To Party With Elites For Big Buck$!

Snobby Senator John Kerry is going to take over Symphony Hall in Boston to pad his campaign coffers and get ready for a re-election bid.
Kerry wants well-heeled liberal friends to join him amidst the splendor of one of the most treasured stomping grounds of certified Boston Brahmins.
And celebrities such as self-impressed liberal actor/pretty-boy Ben Affleck and beat up old rocker/folker James Taylor will be part of the draw, along with the Boston Pops, of course.Nothin like a bit 'o dust 'n mildew with your tres chic.
Here's part of the scoop on the whole affair from the Boston Herald:
His [Kerry's] extravaganza at the Boston Symphony — where tickets range from $75 to $4,800 — could be a tough sell as the [Democrat] party’s rank-and-file struggles through another Christmas in a tough economy.
“For Democrats, there’s a bit of fatigue — people have been giving aggressively,” said Democratic consultant Scott M. Ferson, president of the Liberty Square Group. “But we need John Kerry now more than ever. He’s one of the few (Massachusetts) Democrats left in a leadership position.”
Kerry put up $85,000 in campaign cash to rent the 2,000-seat Boston Symphony, where Boston Pops maestro Keith Lockhart singer James Taylor and actor-director Ben Affleck are expected to appear.
Boston University pol-itical professor Thomas Whalen said the extravagant blowout — meant to celebrate Kerry’s 25 years in the Senate and 45 years of public service — could be a turnoff to struggling Bay Staters.
Click here to read the full story at The Herald.

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