Sunday, November 28, 2010

Runyan In Washington: 'Ready For A Fight'

The Press of Atlantic City has a great story about New Jersey Congressman-elect Jon Runyan and his orientation in Washington as he prepares to take office. Runyan is absorbing lots of new information but he's hardly overwhelmed. This former Philadelphia Eagles player takes it all in stride and he's proved to be a remarkably quick learner.
Here's part of the story:
Even though Runyan admitted he is being bombarded with new information, rules and demands, he insisted he is not intimidated as he prepares to take elected office for the first time.
If anything, the 6-foot-7, 330-pound former professional football player for the Philadelphia Eagles has his game face on.
“I’m always ready for a fight, and that’s what the people of the 3rd District need right now,” said Runyan, adding New Jersey taxpayers currently get only about 60 cents on the tax dollar compared to the federal funding other states gets. “If someone isn’t fighting for you, they shouldn’t be in this job.”
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