Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sign Petition To Stop Invasive Screening

New Jersey State Senator Mike Doherty (R-23) has launched an online petition to support his efforts to put an end to invasive airport screening practices that have been implemented by the federal Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Doherty is the prime sponsor of a pair of Senate resolutions that urge Congress and the TSA to end the use of enhanced pat downs and advanced imaging scanners that allow TSA agents to see through travelers’ clothing.
“Travelers shouldn’t have to submit to potentially dangerous scans that allow strangers to view them naked, nor should they have to submit to invasive groping by government agents, just to get on a plane,” said Doherty. “Despite the massive public outcry against these invasive screening procedures, it’s seems that politicians and bureaucrats in Washington still don’t get it. That’s why we’ve launched our petition, to make sure that Americans concerned about losing their rights have an opportunity to be heard.”
Doherty’s petition to stop invasive TSA screening is located at The petition page includes video that provides information about the movement as well as features to easily comment on and share the petition on social media websites, including Facebook and Twitter.
“Together, we can send a message to Washington that enough is enough. We can tell the federal government that Americans want common-sense airport security that respects our constitutional rights,” added Doherty. “Filling out the petition takes only a few seconds, so head over now and make sure your voice is heard.”

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