Saturday, November 13, 2010

'Guru' Shrum Says Obama Will Triumph

Bob Shrum is out with an opinion piece reassuring everybody that Obama will come back stronger than ever and that he will triumph in the end.
Well, anything can happen in politics.
But I wouldn't necessarily take Shrum's word for it. Because, when it comes to picking winners, Shrum has an abysmal record.
In 1972, Shrum worked for Ed Muskie. Then Muskie cried in New Hampshire and lost the Democrat nomination to George McGovern. So, Shrum then went to work for McGovern and McGovern lost the presidential election in a landslide.
Then Shrum went to work for Ted Kennedy and Kennedy lost his bid for the presidency in 1980.
In 1988 Shrum first backed Dick Gephardt but Gephardt didn't get the Democrat nomination. Then Shrum helped Michael Dukakis and Dukakis lost to George H. W. Bush in an election that wasn't even close.
In 1992 Shrum worked for Bob Kerrey but Kerrey was defeated by Bill Clinton.
In 2000 Shrum was a key adviser to Al Gore and was confident on election night that Gore won the election. But we all know how that turned out.
Is there a "curse" associated with the presidential campaigns that Shrum has worked on? He has yet to claim victory for any of his candidates in eight presidential elections
Now, he's touting Obama. Watch out, Mr. President.

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