Friday, November 26, 2010

Repeat After Me: 'Bruce Springsteen Is A Jerk'

That self-described "attention whore" known as Bruce Springsteen has done it again.
Speaking of the situation in America, the self-proclaimed "Boss" says the political climate in our country right now is "very, very ugly" and he attacked President Obama's critics for the "most extreme language" that they use to criticize the changes that the President is trying to bring about.
And wouldn't you know that the self-educated, traveling Springsteen finds the climate much more favorable in Europe. He says that political consciousness is "deeper" in Europe -- whatever that means. 
By comparison, according to Springsteen, Obama's agenda encompasses "the most modest reforms."
The self-absorbed Springsteen believes that Obama's tax and spend policies would "move the economy back toward serving a majority of its citizens.”
But Springsteen says Obama is constantly thwarted by powerful forces. "You have the financial institutions, you have the military, the corporations. They're in play constantly and, in truth, they're shaping the economy and shaping the direction the US is moving in. Those forces are huge. The money and lobbyists are pouring in to do everything they can [to preserve the status quo]. It's a very tough time, a very hard time," he explains.
Yet, as ever, the self-promoting Springsteen remains modest. "A moment comes when you cash in whatever credibility a guy can have who plays and sings rock songs for a living and you put your chips where you think they might do some good,” he said.
But here's the truest thing that the self-correcting Springsteen says: "Most people don't want to be taking their political direction from guys that are shaking their a– in front of 60,000 people."
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Anonymous said...

Thanks. You really enlightened us with this article.

Anonymous said...

Repeat after me: 'Bruce Springsteen is A LEGEND.'

Anonymous said...

Doooooouuuuuuuuche is a left wing PC homophile asshole!!!