Friday, September 17, 2010

Even In Liberal Bastions, The GOP Is Surging

Last night, in Camden County (NJ) something astounding happened.
A local Republican Club that had been nearly moribund gave a party and everybody came.
And not only did everybody come but everybody was primed for a GOP resurgence.
It happened in Cherry Hill, one of the bluest municipalities in one of the bluest counties in the state.
As Camden County Freeholder candidate George Zallie (shown above) addressed the group, the crowd urged him on -- ready to connect with a Republican wave across the nation and ready to make Camden County a real, live, competitive two-party county again.
Maybe it's the refreshing candidacy of our congressional star, Jon Runyan.
Maybe it's the new found awareness of voters that they've got to do something now, if the government is ever going to be returned to the people and if common-sense constitutional principles are ever going to be restored.
Maybe it's the pride that Republicans and Independents (and even come Democrats) have in our new Governor Chris Christie and the hope that he generates for those who believe in smaller government and lower taxes.
Whatever it is, people are concerned, they're aware, they're active and they're getting involved once again. People who had given up on politics are coming back -- and they're coming to the Republican Party.
Right here, right now, the Grand Old Party is new again -- with fresh faces, new ideas and boundless enthusiasm.
Is it any wonder that for the first time in 80 years far more people have voted in Republican primaries throughout the country than in Democrat primaries?
This is where the energy is!
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