Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Will Heartland Be Dems' 'Killing Fields'?

This summer, right here on this blog we took you on a journey to America's heartland.
We traveled to the south and into the midwest. And as we went through Virginia and North Carolina and South Carolina and Georgia and then on to western Pennsylvania and Missouri and Kansas and Arkansas we reported to you on the things that we saw and heard and the people that we met. We said that people were telling us they'd had enough. They're fed up. They're tired of skyrocketing debt, rising unemployment, the Washington bureaucracy, the big government programs and the  lies that go along with them.
And they're tired of entrenched beltway politicos and liberal pundits who want to rob them of their freedoms and even tell them how and what to think.
The people know better. And they're speaking up and ready and anxious to vote this November -- to throw the rascals out.
We told you all of this back in July and August and early September.
And now, commentators and columnists are beginning to see what we've seen and they're beginning to call America's heartland "the killing fields" of the Democrat Party. They're saying that this is where the Party will be mercilessly vanquished this November. They're predicting that the numbers will be staggering.
In fact, Byron York has noted that the "Democrats have largely retreated to the coasts" while the GOP "is expanding to take in most of the vast expanse of the continent." But even some coastal outposts (like New Jersey) are no longer safe for the Democrats.
And Byron York is just one of those who have picked up on this in the last few days.
But you heard it here first.
Because we were down on the ground -- in the heartland -- talking to real, ordinary people. And, believe me they weren't (and aren't) one bit shy about sharing their thoughts.
They've made up their minds. They're motivated. They're angry.
And they're ready to roll.

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