Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Christie Wants NJ Income Tax Cut

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is out to cut New Jersey's income taxes.
And Christie wants to see the income tax cuts enacted "in the next year or two."
Christie says income taxes have to be cut "to make New Jersey more competitive with our neighbors."
Right now, Democrat Senate President Steve Sweeney is balking at Christie's idea saying that the state can't afford a tax cut. That's sort of like President Obama saying that America had "two tax cuts" that we never "paid for."
But tax cuts aren't something that we "pay for."
Tax cuts are enacted to stimulate the economy by letting workers keep more of their own money. Tax cuts really are designed to make taxes fair and reasonable and help us to be more competitive. Tax cuts should also encourage government to spend less, mind it's own budget and trim waste.
The money that tax cuts give back to workers isn't something that's owed to the state. It doesn't belong to the state or the government. It's money that the workers earned themselves by the sweat of their brow. It's their money, not the state's.
So tax cuts don't have to be "paid for" -- either by the state or by workers.
The workers have paid enough in taxes. In fact, they've paid too much.
And the state has spent enough of other people's money. Again, probably too much.
So, Governor Christie: Let's bring on the tax  cuts! Avanti!

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