Friday, September 17, 2010

Your Dog Is HOW Smart? Find Out Here

 If your dog could read, would it read Perez Hilton's blog, The New York Times or the Huffington Post?
And if rover were human, would he spend his time on the couch watching TV, playing with computers or continuously update his Facebook and Twitter accounts?
Well, now you can find out just how smart your canine is using the dog-judging questions in a psycho analysis book called The Dog I.Q. Test.
Author Melissa Miller says the test can tell you if your pooch is occasionally clever, blissfully ignorant or a canine genius like you always thought.
Miller says the test roughly resembles human IQ tests that judge characteristics like memory – i.e. Rover's response when you bring out the leash – and perception, which tests doggy's ability to detect your moods.
Other parts of the test delve into the dog's capacity for ESP and its dedication to its owner.
Miller says she's heard of only one genius, a police dog, and she even admits one of her own furry best friends was blissfully ignorant – but she loved it anyway.

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