Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Joblessness In Reid's Nevada: Highest In Nation!

Here's a statement from Nevada US Senate candidate Sharron Angle who's running against Harry Reid:
"Harry Reid is a failed leader. Month after month we have watched the unemployment numbers increase in our state and we're currently at 14.4 percent, the highest in the nation, with no end in sight. Harry Reid can try to shirk responsibility, but he is in charge. He has supported tax increases 300 times; he gave us Obamacare; he pushed through the disastrous stimulus plan; and he is blocking further tax cuts. Nothing Harry Reid is doing is working and his own state is paying the heaviest price.
"But instead of addressing the unemployment issue, Harry Reid will spend this week in Washington DC trying to push a form of amnesty through the Senate. Sadly, the DREAM Act is another attempt to incentivize illegal aliens to cross our borders to gain citizenship– mocking our established laws and processes, while dismissing those who have taken time to follow the rule of law and become United States citizens the legal way. Citizens want stricter enforcement of immigration laws over amnesty, but once again Senator Reid is refusing to listen to the American people and is avoiding addressing our need for jobs in Nevada."

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