Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Special Message From Jon Runyan

I know that campaigns are rough and I was warned that John Adler would run one of the dirtiest campaigns in the history of New Jersey.
I am ready for that, but never did I think Adler would lie to seniors in an effort to scare them away from voting for me. I thought that he had more respect for those that have worked their whole lives to make this country great. Wow, was I wrong…

Yesterday I held a press conference in Berkeley Township, at the home of Sal and Maryanne Mastroberti to call on desperate career politician, John Adler to stop the negative personal attacks and lies he is resorting to. Can you help me spread the word by sending ths message to at least 5 of your friends?
I was joined by over 50 seniors in denouncing the recent Adler attack mailers that accuse me of wanting to end Medicare and take away Social Security. This is a 100% lie. Click here for coverage of the press conference.
In a debate with Congressman Adler, while I was sitting directly across from him, I was asked if I was in favor of privatizing social security. Here was my answer:
“I am against it. It is a promise we have made to our seniors that we can’t— we can’t back away from that promise. It’s a staple of how we’re going to take care of our seniors and how we’re going to move forward. And quite frankly I think it falls into line with a lot of things– something like that has to be there.”
Furthermore, you can click here to read the position on my web site to get all of the facts.
Here’s the bottom line: We need to keep the promises that have been made to our seniors when it comes to Social Security and Medicare. Changing the eligibility or benefit rules for retired citizens, or those nearing retirement, is not fair and I will not support it.
Adler is trying to scare senior citizens by intentionally lying about my position on Social Security and Medicare to cover up his record of voting for over 100 new taxes and fees. Will you help me stop the lies by sending this message  to at least 5 of your friends?
Thanks for your time and support,
Jon Runyan

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