Thursday, September 16, 2010

Michelle: 'Don't Ask. Don't Tell. It's HELL!'

OK, so now France's First Lady Carla Bruni has cooperated on a new book in which she reveals that US First Lady Michelle Obama thinks that the job of First Lady is "hell."
That's right, Michelle Obama doesn't really like being First Lady of the United States.
In fact, according to this book (Carla And The Ambitious) Michelle says of the job: "I can't stand it."
And Michelle Obama apparently doesn't want people to ask her about this because she hates having to tell them that it's a living hell. She. Can't. Stand. It. Got it?
On top of this, we've already had a report in Politico that the President might not even be focusing on 2012 and another term because, as has been suggested by a Big Time Democrat, "he might not really want to go on in 2012 . . . he might not really care.”
When the going get's tough, the tough . . . get going?
For more on the Michelle Obama story, from Britain's Daily Mail, click here.
For the full Politico story click here.

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