Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Christie & Ryan: The New Batman & Robin?

Chris Christie and Paul Ryan.
Yeah -- the Governor of New Jersey and the Congressman from Wisconsin.
Both are new stars on the national scene. And both are smart, direct and (when it comes to ideas and policy) trailblazing.
Now, James Pethokoukis the Money & Politics columnist for Reuters sees Christie and Ryan as the new "dynamic duo."
He calls Christie a "You Tube sensation". Christie's tough-love prescription for New Jersey may be just the right formula for the USA. And Ryan was one of the first Republicans to dare to take on President Obama and chart a "new roadmap for America's future." His cool demeanor is a nice balance to Christie's sizzle.
Both guys are serious about fighting the good fight.
Yes, there are plenty of stars on the GOP horizon. But these two are really worth watching.
Cleck here and let James Pethokoukis elaborate.

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