Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Is Michelle Ready To Bolt?

The National Enquirer is out with a story that has First Lady Michelle Obama telling her husband: "I've had enough!" Michelle is reportedly unhappy in the White House fishbowl and wants out.
The Enquirer says that the confrontation with the President occurred in the White House after the First Family returned from a Martha's Vineyard vacation. According to this story, during the shouting match, Michelle told the President: "I hate you for dragging me through all this." She also reportedly collapsed in tears and threatened divorce,
The next day the President was not wearing his wedding band but, in answer to questions from reporters the White House said the ring was being repaired.
Still, the Enquirer maintains there's trouble in paradise.
Well, many have speculated that the President may not run for a second term. Some say his heart's just not in it. But there may be other hearts involved in the scenario.
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Josh said...

It's the National Enquirer. Do you really believe what they write?

Dan Cirucci said...

Well, they were the first ones to have the real story about John Edwards. And they stayed with it till the truth came out.