Friday, September 24, 2010

Wshington Invaded And Smelling Stinky

Halyomorpha halys have invaded the nation's capital.
And the invasion is serious.
In fact, a small army of the invaders is swarming all over the Washington DC area.
And it'll take a mighty effort to fend off the invaders.
You can see them. You can feel them. You can smell them.
They're stink bugs and as the weather gets cooler they're seeking refuge inside to relax over the coming winter months. When they're threatened, they release a stinky chemical. And, if you squash them you'll also have a smelly mess.
Some people actually try to vacuum them up.
Numbers of this bug have been building for several years. And now they've decided to make a major incursion into Washington -- as if the place wasn't smelly enough with all those stinky politicos.
Click here to read more about stink bugs at NBC Washington.

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