Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kean: Back Off On 'Race To Top' Inquiry

New Jersey State Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean issued the following statement today after Senate Democrats voted in favor of giving subpoena power to the Senate Legislative Oversight Committee to further investigate New Jersey's "Race to the Top" application:
"I am disappointed that New Jersey did not receive 'Race to the Top' funding, but Democrats are wasting time and effort chasing a question that has long been answered. The former Education Commissioner has admitted he made the mistake on the application and accepted full responsibility for the error.
"It must be noted that the 'Race to the Top' application submitted by the Christie Administration scored much higher than the application submitted a year earlier by the Corzine Administration. Despite this, there has been no similar effort by Democrats to investigate why Corzine's application scored so poorly.
"It's clear that the Democrats' effort to subpoena officials of the Christie Administration is little more than a political witch hunt. It is time to move on and focus on job creation, education reform and making New Jersey more affordable for the middle-class."

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