Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mandate: Don't Go Gettin Too Highfalutin!

Don't go gettin too highfalutin
That's the message for the GOP establishment in the stunning Christine O'Donnell victory in Delaware.
It's exciting to see so much new, young blood in politics -- most of it right now on the Republican side. A whole new generation of GOP leaders is emerging.
And they're pushing the Brahmans out of the way.
These new young guns are more direct, more real, more everyday. And what they're demonstrating is that old-style, preppy, country-club Republicanism can't cut it anymore. That's not what people want -- not in this gritty, tough economic environment.
People are angry. They want change. Real change.
When it comes to their political parties, they don't want interchangeable parts. They're tired of the Washington merry-go-round where it doesn't seem to make any difference whether your member of Congress is an R or a D and the spending and corruption and lies just keep coming no matter what. And no, people don't want that in their statehouses either.
Right now, the GOP has the new people, the new policies and the new ideas that are generating a real grassroots revolution. Today, the energy, the enthusiasm, the brio is all on the Republican side.
That's why Mike Castle looked so out of place in this campaign. The guy's been in office for 40 years. The ground shifted under him. He seemed out of touch and out of place.
Sure, he seems like a decent guy but now being "decent" seems downright Victorian and being an incumbent officeholder is a distinct disadvantage.
Nobody cares about manners when 15 million people are out of work and the number of people living in poverty is setting a new record and the deficit soars to stratospheric heights and every day seems like Fright Night.
Oh, yeah -- theoretically, country club rules make for a more civil society. Theoretically.
But, haven't you noticed? Country clubs are closing all around us -- even in Delaware's preppiest enclaves.
Now, mama bears who pack heat are replacing soccer moms and the circumspect politico who covered his ass while smiling politely has been kicked out the door by the likes of Chris Christie, the new Governor Tough Love.
Christie's motto? Give 'em the bad news, all of it. Treat 'em like adults. Don't mince words. They can take it.
A hardscrabble world doesn't know from gentility.
So, save the highfalutin stuff for some other place and some other time.

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