Friday, September 24, 2010

University Denies Ayers Coveted Emeritus Status

Bill Ayers.
Remember him?
Well, the controversial University of Illinois professor (and Obama pal) has been denied emeritus status by the University's Board of Turstees.
The vote to deny him the coveted status was unanimous and it followed a passionate speech by Christopher Kennedy, who chairs the Board. You see, Kennedy is the son of the late Robert F. Kennedy who was assassinated in 1968. And Ayers was a Vietnam-era radical and co-founded of the Weather Underground.
Well, in 1974 Ayers wrote a book which was dedicated in part to Sirhan Sirhan, the man who killed Christopher Kennedy's father.
Kennedy said he was "guided by my conscience and one which has been formed by a series of experiences, many of which have been shared with the people of our country and mark each of us in a profound way." He added that he simply could not approve emeritus status for a man who dedicated a book to criminals, including his father's murderer.
Ayers has retired from his post at the University of Illinois. The emeritus status is mostly suymbolic but does include various ancillary priveleges.
Click here to read more about this story in the Chicago tribune.

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