Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Special Message From Jon Runyan

Dear Friend,
With 6 weeks until Election Day, this race is really heating up. Career politician John Adler is showing his true colors and they aren't pretty.
John Adler knows he can't win by running on his liberal record. How can anyone explain voting with failed NJ Governor Jon Corzine 99% of the time and disastrous House Speaker Nancy Pelosi more than 90% of the time? You can't. That's why Adler has decided to drag this campaign into the gutter by invading my family's privacy and launching personal smears against me.
He'll do anything to win.
A recent editorial in the Asbury Park Press noted that, "last week, a campaign volunteer for Adler trespassed on the property of Republican opponent Jon Runyan, taking pictures of his house and possibly his 8-year-old daughter, who was playing outside. Adler has yet to apologize, a breach of campaign decency that calls into question Adler's ethics and his ability to lead and manage people."
After my daughter ran inside, terrified by the strange man in our front yard, my wife took action. She hopped in the car, called the police, and followed the man back to Adler's campaign headquarters. Police are currently investigating charges against Congressman Adler's "volunteer". I have called on John Adler to denounce these actions by his campaign, and to apologize to my family. He has done neither.
John Adler's history of nasty attacks and slimy politics is so pathetic that he was listed as a "Loser of the Week" on last week. Congratulations Congressman, you have stooped to a new low.
Now, we have a choice. We can accept these underhanded tactics and allow career politicians like John Adler to remain in Congress, or we can send a message that we have had enough of dirty politics as usual in Washington.
I need your vote on Election Day, but I need your financial support today. Will you help me fight back against the Pelosi-Adler attack machine? Can I count on you to donate $200, $100, or even $25 to help me fight back? Click here to contribute any amount you can afford.
Thanks for your time and support,
Jon Runyan

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