Sunday, September 19, 2010

To Be Treated Like A Professional, Dress The Part

Solomon Jones has a great column in the Philadelphia Inquirer about the New York Jets/Ines Sainz brouhaha.
I haven't written about this subject, but now I don't have to because Jones has said it better than I can.
Here's how his column begins:

YOU CAN'T WALK around dressed up like a low-class woman
Then get mad when the only ones who holla are low-class men.
Step up your game my sister . . .
I wrote those words in 2005 for a radio commentary on women's attire.
Funny how they still ring true in 2010, especially in relation to Ines Sainz, an attractive reporter for Mexico's TV Azteca who allegedly was sexually harassed after she wore skintight jeans in a locker room full of naked athletes.
To read the rest of Jones' column click here.

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