Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bizarre Wolf (And Furry Animal) Fetishes Thrive

From Flash News:
Wolves aren’t just hot in the movies right now – they’re top dog in the wacky world of furries too.
While women pine for werewolf Jacob Black in Twilight, those involved in the furry fetish community – where people get sexual pleasure from dressing up in animal costumes – also yearn for the species.
According to journalist Harmon Leon, people who sport wolf suits are “at the top of the chain” within the bizarre subculture.
He would know, since he once infiltrated a furry convention to get the scoop while decked out in a pig mask and bear ears.
Much like the wolves in Twilight, Leon says furry wolves “stick to their own kind.”
They hardly socialize with other “animals” and those who are into, say, Care Bear furries, are relegated to the bottom of the pack.
The wolves seem to dominate the furry porn market too. Leon recalls seeing tons of strange, explicit illustrations of wolves “performing oral sex on unicorns” at the gathering.

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Anonymous said...

EXCUSE ME! Furry FETISH? And you call yourself a journalist? You didn't even do any research whatsoever. You obviously got your information from scandal stories like MTV, CSI, and Vanity Fair. And here I thought the days of media misrepresentation was over. I am a Furry and I am proud of what I am. How dare you sum us up as a fetish. How DARE you sum our culture up as just some sick freaks in costumes! You aren't a journalist. You're just some dude with an internet connection and a thrill out of spreading trash talk.