Tuesday, September 21, 2010

NJ By The Numbers: REAL Economic Growth!

Growing New Jersey's Economy By the Numbers
Christie Administration Working to Create Quality Jobs
January 2010 - September 2010

4 Fortune 500 Expansions - Campbell Soup Company, Coca Cola Enterprises, Honeywell, and Pitney Bowes

6 Foreign Direct Investment Projects - From China, Portugal, and Germany

10 Foreign Delegations Received in New Jersey

14 Business Relocations to New Jersey from New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Maryland

20 Major Corporate Meetings and Site Visits, Including Boeing, BASF, and Honeywell

20 Manufacturing Projects Received $17.9 Million in Assistance

25 Companies Injecting a Total of $153.4 Million into New Jersey’s Innovation Economy

35+ Meetings and Seminars to Expand Trade Opportunities for New Jersey Businesses

80+ Projects Advancing Urban and Municipal Redevelopment to Support Communities Throughout the State

440 Small Business Jobs to be Created

700 Manufacturing Jobs to be Created

1000 Innovation Jobs (including Technology, Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals and Clean Energy Sectors) Expected to be Created, Including 400 Construction Jobs

1400 Innovation Jobs (including Technology, Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals and Clean Energy Sectors) Retained

1730 Small Business Development Jobs Retained

1850 Manufacturing Jobs Retained

$16.35 Million Assistance Provided to Small Businesses from Cape May County to Bergen County

$27 Million Public and Private Investments from Business Relocations to New Jersey

$121 Million Public and Private Investments in Manufacturing Projects

$170.4 Million Public and Private Investments for Small Business Development

Total Impact

200+ Economic Development Projects Supported by the Christie Administration

2900 New, Full-Time Jobs Estimated to be Created

3040 Construction Jobs Expected to be Generated

7785 Existing Jobs Retained

$389 Million Assistance to Businesses, Municipalities, and Not-for-Profit Organizations

$744.5+ Million Private Investment in New Jersey

Source: New Jersey Economic Development Authority

1 comment:

Josh said...

Hey, I'm a registered Democrat and I agree that Christie has done a lot of good things in a short time for NJ. How? By breaking the cycle of politicians in both parties shoving problems under the rug and actually confronting them instead.

Both Democrats and Republicans across the country have been guilty of focusing on quick fixes that look good on the surface and help them get re-elected rather than solving problems once and for all. Republicans do this in different ways than Democrats. But both do it nonetheless. And this is why, no matter which party is in control of our government, nothing ever really changes for the better.

If the GOP retakes control of the House and/or Senate in November, it would be well-advised to learn from Christie's example. Don't waste time launching frivolous "investigations" into the Democratic party just to score brownie points with your base. Don't waste time on culture war rhetoric. Focus on the real problems. Don't just reflexively object to Obama - offer real alternatives that work and even be willing to accept some of the ideas put forth by Obama and Democrats that do make sense. The Democrats need to listen to the other side and also think long term.

Basically focus on using your power to actually fix long-term problems rather than score short-term political victories. Focus on making all Americans (regardless of political persuasion) better off rather than going for cheap, short-term political victories. Only when our politicians have the guts to do that will this country really get on the right track