Sunday, September 19, 2010

From One Feisty Christine To Another . . .

We had a hunch our dear friend Christine Flowers would write about that stunning political upset in Delaware.
The story was tailor-made for the Flowers treatment.
And, after all, this Christine must surely admire the other (and visa-versa) since they seem to have so much in common.
Sure enough, Flowers has not disappointed us:

AT FIRST, they didn't see it coming, this runaway train hurtling down the tracks. They were too busy checking the November schedules and patting themselves on the back about how easy it was going to be to crush that presumptuous Democratic opponent. If you even asked them about the cute-as-a-button tea- party challenger, they'd snort and say that no thinking Delawarean would elect a Sarah Palin mini-me in a state where being pro-choice and antigun was de rigueur.
Then, they heard some distant rumblings out of Nevada and Alaska, but still they didn't worry. They checked their Rolexes, got another glass of single-malt, and yawned.
To read the rest of Christine Flowers' column from the Philadelphia Daily News, click here.

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