Sunday, September 19, 2010

Seasoned Washington Paws Give Inside Scoop

Two of our favorite canines (Georgia and Daisy) live on Capitol Hill in Washington where they are privy to all sorts of goings on.
Make no mistake about it, Georgia and Daisy (who are in frequent contact with the powerful and the mighty). are well aware of the state of our nation and the perilous situation that we face.
These two delightful pups recently made a rare appearance on The Mall where they attracted a considerable amount of attention. But ever discreet,  neither one would speak on the record.
We can tell you this, however: We have it on good authority that these two highly respected Washington observers see better days ahead. "We're able to detect ground-shifting developments long before humans," Daisy reportedly confided to a friend. And Georgia added: "We know that come November, lots of people up here will have to run for cover. But not us. We've been on the right side all along."
You heard it here first. Be forewarned!

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