Saturday, September 18, 2010

Biden To Rally The Voters Of Delaware? Really?

I had to laugh when I saw the headline: "Biden helps rally volunteers for Coons."
Yeah -- Joe Biden ("regular Joe") was back in Delaware to rally Democrat troops.
It's hard to believe that Delaware's voters are gonna fall for Biden's lines once again.  Because if they fall for these lines they'll simply be falling into line.
Here's a man who's possibly the most gaffe-prone Vice President of recent times -- a guy who most of the time can't even get his facts straight -- and he's gonna lecture people about "telling the truth and taking responsibility." Give. Me. A. Break.
But Biden's part of the Ruling Class and the Ruling Class wants you to know that they've still got cojones. So, that's exactly what Biden did as he attempted to get Democrats ready to face that oncoming bullet train known as the Tea Party Express.
No one should be surprised to find Biden back in Delaware.
After all, he doesn't seem to have much to do in Washington. And nearly every time he opens his mouth the President seems to wince. Over a period of 20 months when nothing has seemed to go right for the Democrats, Biden certainly hasn't been a beacon of hope. His missteps have become a treasure trove for the lat nigh talk show hosts. And let's not forget that amidst the worst economic slowdown in generations, this is the guy who's been telling us that it's our patriotic duty to pay more in taxes and that we have to get used to high unemployment numbers for awhile longer. How's that for "hope 'n change"?
So, I say "Welcome home, Joe!" Your arrival could be the best thing to happen to the Christine O'Donnell campaign.

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Josh said...

Joe Biden may be something of a joke nationally (so was Dan "Potatoe" Quayle, for that matter). But he is an icon in Delaware and still well liked. And Delaware is one of the few states where Obama still has a decent approval rating.

The Democrat who is likely to do the most damage to Chris Coons is Harry Reid, who last week joked that Coons was his "pet."