Monday, September 27, 2010

Is A Democrat Wipe Out Ahead?

Among key states, Republicans lead in Senate races in Alaska, Florida, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Ohio, Arkansas and Wisconsin.
And a bunch of other states (Connecticut, California, Washington and even New York, Illinois and Delaware) are suddenly competitive.
On top of this, Nevada is neck-n-neck and crusty 'ole Harry Reid hasn't broken 45% in the polls in seven weeks.
Plus, it's worth noting that in California for the first time ever the ultra-liberal San Francisco Chronicle is refusing to endorse Barbara Boxer for re-election.
On the House side, the GOP leads in 54 races across the country and 19 more seats are considered close or competitive. That makes a total of 73 seats.
These are BIG figures, folks. B-I-G.
But remember -- it's barely October.
Lots of time remains.
And word is the Democrats will go for the jugular.
Since they don't have the issues to win (they can't talk about jobs or health care or taxes or the debt or even the mood of the country) they're busy trying to dig up dirt (any dirt they can get) on their GOP opponents. The Dems are even searching divorce records, personal finance records, traffic violations -- anything -- to get dirt on Republican candidates.
So, this is gonna get mean and nasty and dirty.
Hang in there, everybody. We're facing a 35 days of hand-to-hand combat. Grrrrrrr!

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