Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nah . . . November's Election Ain't Over

Over at Politico, Roger Simon reports that some big time unnamed Democrat has effectively declared the November election over.
This big Democrat operative (whomever he or she may be) says that the House is already lost and the Senate is close to being lost. And this Mr. Big also suggests that Obama is losing interest in the whole thing and may not even be up for a re-election bid in 2012.
Well, don't believe it.
The November 2 election ain't over until (maybe) November 3.
And the Republicans haven't won anything yet -- not a damned thing.
And 47 or 48 days is a lifetime in politics.
And the Democrats and Big Labor have tons of ca$h that they haven't even begun to spend and lots of tricks up their sleeves yet. And the Mainstream Media will be helping them along every step of the way. The major networks and CNN and MSNBC and the NYT and the WaPo aand Time and Newsweek and all the others will be repeating the Dem lines and advancing the Dem message Big Time.
The Democrats will go all out to convince the electorate that the GOP candidates are either: a) Hopelessly tied to Wall Street and powerful, wealthy business interests; or b) A buncha fringe lunatics.
And the Democrat propaganda machine ain't even cranked up yet.
If Republicans really want to win -- and win big -- there's work to be done, and lots of it.
So, turn off the pundits, shelve the polls and get to work

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