Saturday, September 25, 2010

Toomey Draws Praise From All Quarters

Pennsylvania U. S. Senate candidate Pat Toomey continues to draw high praise. here's a good example:

“In an angry political season, Pat Toomey sometimes seems out of place . . . His restrained demeanor may contrast with the often superheated rhetoric of the times, but his unwavering policy prescriptions of lower taxes and less spending may have found their moment.” (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 09/19/10)

And here's more:

· “The choice between Sestak and Toomey is a very distinct one. Sestak is a pro big-government liberal. Toomey is a pro small-government conservative. And right now, the electorate is closer to where Pat is than to where Joe is. It’s pretty much that simple.” (Gil Spencer, Delaware County Daily Times, 09/19/10)

· “Joe’s problem is that he’s the one who actually voted to spend billions to ‘bail out’ the big banks and financial institutions of Wall Street. He’s the one who voted with Nancy Pelosi 97 percent of the time and supported an agenda that a growing majority of the American public have soured on.” (Gil Spencer, Delaware County Daily Times, 09/19/10)

· “With or without the “T” factor, the future looks bright for Toomey, said Michael Hooper, a political science professor at Temple University. ‘If these things hold, Sestak doesn’t have a prayer,’ he said.” (Harrisburg Patriot-News, 09/19/10)

· “Asked to grade Sestak’s campaign performance—a subject of great concern among Pennsylvania Democrats—Specter evaded: ‘I’m late for the squash court, so I’m gonna defer that to when I can answer in one spot.’ Pressed a second time, the former Republican reiterated: ‘I’m late for the squash court.’” (Politico, 09/21/10)

· “Despite a concerted effort by national Democrats, Rep. Joe Sestak is slipping farther behind Republican Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania’s Senate contest in a new Fox News battleground poll.” (Fox News, 09/21/10)

· “Given the steadiness of Toomey's lead and the unpopularity of President Obama in the Keystone State -- not to mention Republicans running very strong in the governor's race -- we are moving the Pennsylvania Senate race from ‘Toss Up’ to ‘Lean Republican.’” (Washington Post, Chris Cillizza, The Fix, 09/22/10)

· “Pat Toomey is in a good place, ahead by 7 points with six weeks to go. I’d rather be Pat Toomey than Joe Sestak today.” (Quinnipiac pollster, Peter Brown, 09/22/10)
· “Do I think Joe Sestak is going to start magically making a comeback? Probably not.” (Director of the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling, Tom Jensen, 09/22/10)

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