Saturday, September 25, 2010

Democrats Facing The Beginning Of The End?

At the Weekly Standard, Bill Kristol thinks the results of the 2010 elections may be bigger and more momentous than the 1994 GOP landslide. He sees a major shift ahead. Here's what he says:
"It looks as if 2010 will be a bigger electoral landslide than 1994, and more significant as well. But the true significance of 2010 will be to lay the groundwork for an even bigger victory in 2012—a victory that would allow President Obama to follow the example of so many of his senior staff, and depart the White House sooner than he once expected."
Click here to read his entire column in the Weekly Standard.

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Josh said...

Let's not get carried away here. Yes, the GOP will likely retake the House and, if everything falls right, possibly the Senate too. But both parties have shown a knack for overreaching once they get into power. Whether it is frivolous, partisan-motivated "investigations" or ill-advised policies or something else, neither party can resist the trappings of power and the ability to stick it to the other side.

People thought Clinton was toast after the 1994 landslide. He ended up winning re-election easily. People were down on Reagan after his first midterm. Two years later, he got the most electoral votes of any Presidential candidate ever. The GOP took control of the White House and Senate with Reagan in 1980, and most of their gains in that election were gone by 1986.

This November will no more represent a shift in American politics than November 2008 did. Obama may lose re-election in 2012. He may win it in a landslide. What the environment is like in 2012 will determine that, not what the environment is like now.