Sunday, September 5, 2010

Unveiled: The Dems' Desperate Fall Strategy

The Democrats say they are in rescue mode.
They claim they are going into triage to save key congressional districts and salvage their majority.
Members of the mainstream media (as usual) are playing along.
But, beware. For all this is part of the plan.
Here's the strategy:
1) By the beginning of October Big Media will all but bury the Democrats.
2) The Democrats themselves will put the party and its candidates in the emergency room, acting as if the election is nearly over before the campaign even accelerates.
3) Both the mainstream media and the Dem leadership will vigorously lower expectations for Democratic candidates throughout the nation.
4) Dems will play poor but actually hoard money and media advertising time.This has already begun.
5) Working together, the liberal media and the Democrat Party will try to get the GOP to peak too soon. And as soon as there is any evidence at all of that happening, they'll start to say: "Ya see, the Republicans have peaked! It's all downhill from here."
6) Dems will localize each and every congressional race where they are competitive and in each race they will attempt to smear and destroy the GOP candidate. They will not hesitate to go negative and they will paint the new class of Republican candidates as dumb, naive, right-wingers, hopelessly extreme, dangerous, reckless and out of touch with the American people. And these are some of the NICE things they will say.
7) Once again the Dems will attempt to strike fear in the hearts of seniors by saying that the GOP will dismantle Social Security. And yes, the Democrats will play the race card if they have to.
8) All along Big Media will continue to raise expectation for the GOP so that no matter how good the Republicans do on November 2, the media can say "Not good enough! No mandate!"
9) The Democrats will not only run against George W. Bush (again!) but they will also run against Sarah Palin and the specter of a lunatic fringe. And they will mock the tea partiers as hopeless imbeciles
10) By election day, you'll be sick of the Dems' attack, attack, attack strategy but you'll realize that the party has (had) no choice. It's not like they are (were) able to run on their record.

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Josh said...

True on all points, though I'll add that it's not like the GOP hasn't done many of the same things when it has been in dire electoral straits, especially when Karl Rove/Lee Atwater and their disciples have been calling the shots. Such is what happens when voters have so many different messages competing for their attention.